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Undergraduate Searches
Resources    Description
AB540 and Undocumented Students
Information and funding opportunities for AB540 and undocumented students.
Scholarship, grant, fellowship, and internship information specifically for members of underrepresented groups who pursue professions in chemistry-related sciences.
The Adventures in Education website links to scholarship information as well as career planning advice.
Aidscholar.com provides a simple, easy to use interface without having to create an account or profile
Armenian Students Association
Resources for undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students of Armenian descent.
Black College Dollars
Sallie Mae's free scholarship search, focused on African-American students
100 Minority
Scholarship, grant, fellowship, and internship information specifically for members of underrepresented groups who pursue professions in chemistry-related sciences.
College Answer
Scholarship Search
A scholarship search service from Sallie Mae. College Answer scholarship search service allows students to search the free database for funding information from a variety of resources, including scholarships, fellowships, grants, work study, loan programs, tuition waivers, internships, competitions, and work co-operative programs.
College Board Online
A database of approximately 3,300 sponsors. The College Board Online Database does not retain personal information; you must reenter your personal data each time you search for scholarships.
This website allows you to compare financial and demographic data for colleges across the country (cost of attendance, average student debt load, how many students apply for financial aid, diversity, etc.). You can print out anything you want in either table or graph form.
Collegetoolkit.com is a one-stop scholarship and college resource for students, which has been featured on CNN.com, the Christian Science Monitor, and Attache Magazine! Collegetoolkit.com's One-Stop College & Scholarship Resource allows students to find and apply for scholarships, search through a database of more than 4,000 colleges, and explore 900 careers all in one location. It is one of the most comprehensive sites for life after high school... and everything on the site is free for students to use!
Computer Science Online
Extensive resources for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in Computer Science (CS) or STEM-related disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
This website focuses on helping students find financial resources to travel and study abroad. Users can search according to various criteria entered by keyword.
Education Corner
A very comprehensive site to find thousands of scholarships. Organized by category as well as alphabetically.
Dan Cassidy's FastAID, another comprehensive scholarship resource, advertises the site as the "World's largest and oldest private sector scholarship database. 20 years of Scholarship Research, Constantly updated."
A free, searchable database that contains more than 600,000 private sector scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans totalling over 1 billion dollars. Plan to spend 30 minutes creating your profile the first time that you use fastWEB.
FinAid provides an excellent site with great funding resources, tips, and general college information.
A free scholarship search site.
Find the best College Scholarships
A Scholarship Finder that helps search for available scholarships by required GPA, enrollment level, area of study, background and more.
Go College Scholarship Search
This search service lists more than 8,000 funding sources comprised of more than 600,000 individual awards, and selects those matching the student's profile. You must choose a user ID and password to use this service. The main Go College web page provides college-related resources and information.
Hellenic Communication Services
Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students who are U.S. citizens of Greek descent, for Greek and Cypriot citizens studying in the United States, and for Canadian citizens of Greek descent.
Human Rights Campaign
The HRC website offers a large list of undergraduate and graduate student scholarships for LGBT students and students who are LGBT allies.
International Education Financial Aid
The IEFA Website lets you search for undergraduate and graduate scholarships that do not require U.S. citizenship. It also offers up-to-date information for international students studying in the United States.
IIE Study Abroad Database
A comprehensive database of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, and grants searchable by country or subject
International Education Office at UCLA
The UCLA International Education Office is another place at UCLA where you can get help in your study abroad scholarship hunt. This page lists other scholarship search databases with a focus on international education.
Latino College Dollars
Latino College Dollars is a free online scholarship directory for Latinos sponsored by the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI). Students may download a printable directory of scholarship listings or search the online database according to personal criteria. This site also offers general guidelines and tips to aid students in the scholarship process.
Military.com specializes in funding for the armed services.
Military Officers' Association of America Scholarship Database
Scholarships, grants, and loans available to the military community.
Nepal Scholarships
National and international scholarships for Nepalese students, international awards for Nepali students, and development jobs and internships in Nepal.
Overseas Indian Student Network
The Overseas Indian Student Network offers scholarship resources for Indian citizens studying abroad.
This site focuses on international scholarships, so its helpful in looking for funding to study abroad. It also has a lot of US scholarships.
ScholarshipHunter.com provides a browseable list of scholarships classified by criteria such as academic major or state. The lists include captions about each scholarship and links to a detailed page of information on the scholarship including how to apply. The site does not appear to require any registration.
Enter your personalized profile to match your specific skills, talents, interests, and abilities to Scholarships.com's database of over 600,000 college scholarship awards. Your results will be delivered to you immediately on-line. Scholarships.com also offers information on loans and grants.
A large scholarship database and search engine containing $32 Billion worth of scholarships.
Sports Management Scholarships
Funding information for students interested in a career in sports management.
Study Abroad Funding
Search for study abroad funding sources by country, subject of study, or applicant demographic.
A large listing of scholarships available for African-American graduate and undergraduate students who attend or attended UNCF member institutions.
Unigo helps students and parents to quickly and accurately identify sources of college scholarships. They help both US and international students find scholarships to attend college in the USA.
UCLA and UC Graduate Funding Opportunities
Resource    Description
UCLA's Graduate and Postdoctoral Extramural Support database lists scholarship, fellowship, and grant opportunities for graduate students.
UCLA Office of Contract and Grant Administration
OCGA provides direct funding links to SPIN, IRIS, Community of Science, FEDIX, NSF, NIH databases, and federal agencies and private foundations. OCGA also provides UCLA-specific and UC-specific funding opportunities and a funding newsletter among other helpful resources.
Other Graduate Funding Opportunities
Resource    Description
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a government-wide compendium of all 1,479 federal programs, projects, services, and activities that provide assistance or benefits to the American public. These programs provide grants, loans, loan guarantees, services, information, scholarships, training, insurance, and many other resources.
Community of Science
COS states that its site comprises "the most comprehensive source of funding information available on the Web, with more than 22,000 records, representing over 400,000 funding opportunities, worth over $33 billion." Listings include R&D opportunities from fields outside the physical and life sciences.
Fedix, a Science Wise resource, provides funding alerts and information about federal, corporate, and European grants for individuals who pursue the sciences and engineering, as well as a wealth of research resources. Individuals can sign up for the Science Wise alert, a free e-mail service that delivers valuable research and education funding opportunities. The Science Wise Archive Research Funding Search lists links to specific U.S. government funding sites.
Grant Net
Grant Net provides program search and a funding directory with contact information.
Nationally Coveted
College Scholarships,
Graduate Fellowships &
Postdoctoral Awards
Excellently organized graduate listings you can browse. Contains information for nationally coveted awards, Science and Engineering, Human Health, Women, Minorities, Hodgepodge, and Multiple Sources. This resource links to the University of New Mexico, and lists several graduate scholarships, grants, and fellowships. Users can either browse listings or access the database.
A direct funding link as well as general NIH information.
A direct funding link as well as general NSF information.
Scholarshipdb.net provides free information of hundreds of universities around the world. By a few search clicks, you can find information such as: scholarship, university ranking, courses, and other data. Your quest for the dream university is just a few clicks away.
International Students
Resource    Description
This web page features information on a number of exchange programs—which may be the least expensive option for many international students. It also contains information on study-abroad scholarships, low-cost student travel, and planning guides for students planning to study or travel abroad.
International Education Federal Aid
This website, for International Education Financial Aid, offers scholarship search and grant listings plus international student loan programs and other information to promote study abroad.
This web page, located on the website of NAFSA (the Association of International Educators), offers information primarily for students with nonimmigrant visas (F-1, J-1, etc.). Information for permanent residents of the United States also is included.
Federal Student Aid
This web page offers information about the availability of federal funding for international students, other sources of funding, and advice about deciding whether studying in the U.S. is right for you.
International Student
This website allows students from outside and within the U.S. the opportunity to research funding and programs at a variety of schools worldwide. It also offers “Study Centers” that provide information about the educational systems and cultures of a variety of countries; services in insurance, travel, phone cards, loans, and tax services; information on communicating from abroad, finding work abroad, test preparation, and essay writing. As an added feature, the site hosts blogs and forums about international study that you can follow on Twitter or Facebook.
Rotary International
The Rotary Club’s Ambassadorial Scholarships offer support to American undergraduate and graduate students who wish to study abroad, as well as to those who want to undertake vocational training abroad. While in the host country, winners of these scholarships serve as goodwill ambassadors on behalf of the Rotary Club. These scholarships are being phased out in 2013, with local Rotary Clubs choosing to issue scholarships at their discretion. If you are interested in applying for years after 2013, you may want to contact your local Rotary Club to discover what their plans for awards will be.
Foreign Born
ForeignBorn.com bills itself as “your best resource for entering and living in the U.S.A.” This web page is dedicated to information on seeking scholarships, both at individual schools and through more generalized sources. It offers a number of links to other websites that may be helpful.
This site is for students wishing to study in the States offers information on choosing and getting into colleges, financing your education, English as a Second Language requirements, passports and visas, traveling to the U.S., and information on cultural differences and life in the U.S. There also is a scholarship-search function and an “Ask the Advisor” feature to get individualized answers to questions.
How Can International Students Get Financial Aid?
This 2008 “College Ca$h 101” article by Kim Clark of U.S. News and World Report gives a quick overview of the situation for students wishing to study in the U.S.: namely, that “there just aren’t many loans out there for them.” But the article also offers hope in the form of four helpful tips for ways to fund an education in the States.
Funding for United States Study
This website, which is sponsored and maintained by the Institute of International Education (IIE), offers those who wish to study in the U.S. the opportunity to search for funding by regions, areas of study, specific U.S. locations, or the names of particular programs. The IIE is a private, nonprofit organization that administers programs including the Fulbright fellowships and the Gilman scholarships for the U.S. Department of State, as well as providing other services for international scholars.
Student Applicants with Visas
This website offers information about applying for student visas to study in the United States, including qualification requirements, deadlines, information about spouses and dependents, and guidelines on extending your stay past your original expiration date.
If you are a non-U.S. citizen interested in pursuing graduate studies in the United States, you should investigate the prestigious Fullbright Foreign Student Program. Awards and requirements may vary by country; check the drop-down menu to the right to make sure your home country participates in the program. You can find a link to apply for the scholarship via this website. Start your application early: the process is extremely rigorous!
Gates Cambridge Scholarships
If you are not a citizen of the United Kingdom and are interested in studying at the University of Cambridge, the Gates Cambridge Scholarships are an outstanding opportunity. Check out this web page to learn more about requirements, deadlines, award amounts, and more. You also can apply for the scholarships via this website. This is another scholarship with a particularly rigorous application process, so get started today if you are interested!
This web page will help you investigate the exchange programs available through the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Use the drop-down menu to find out what programs you may be eligible for.
CIEE is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is dedicated to promoting international scholarship. Investigate their website to find out about a number of opportunities for studying or working in the U.S.
How to Navigate the U.S. Immigration System
Find out how students can navigate the U.S. immigration system by visiting this web page for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The page will guide you through applying for immigration, what you will need to do while you are in the U.S., and what you will need to do as you are departing at the end of your studies.
International Student Exchange Programs
International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) bills itself as “a worldwide network of over 300 higher education institutions in 50 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education for a diverse student population.” There is a directory of participating universities, as well as web pages for U.S. students and non-U.S. students.
National Student Exchange
National Student Exchange (NSE) offers exchange programs between Canada, the U.S., and U.S. territories that allow students to pay the tuition of their home institution while studying abroad.
GreenNote offers an innovative approach to funding a college education: using family, friends, and acquaintances to cobble together micro-loans that could add up to some truly substantial assistance. Opening an account requires that you establish a free PayPal account and pay a $20 yearly fee. While we do not generally advocate paying fees to get scholarships, if you build an attractive profile and carefully cultivate your personal contacts, this could be a good opportunity. The site is available to undocumented and international students, as well as to U.S. citizens.
Aga Khan Foundation
The Aga Khan Foundation offers funding on a 50% grant / 50% loan basis to students from developing countries who wish to pursue graduate degrees and have no other source of funding. Students wishing to enroll in Master’s degree programs are given preference, but prospective PhD students also may apply To be eligible, you cannot already be enrolled in your program. Check out the website to learn more and find out which countries have Aga Khan affiliates.
Scholarshipdb.net provides free information of hundreds of universities around the world. By a few search clicks, you can find information such as: scholarship, university ranking, courses, and other data. Your quest for the dream university is just a few clicks away.

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