Resources for Latina/o American Students

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of scholarship resources for Latina/o students.  In addition to looking over these resources, please conduct your own Google searches using varying search terms.  Also, visit your departmental counselors to find out about scholarship opportunities. 

Online Scholarship Databases for Latina/o Scholarships

The SRC recommends filling out at least three databases to assure that you find various types of scholarships.  However, before you sign up, create an email account strictly for your scholarship process.  This will assure that your scholarship information stays organized.

Online List of Scholarship Links

Individual Scholarships and Scholarship Programs


Do not discount books in your search for scholarships.  Books provide an alternative to on-line searching.  Combing both methods of research will assure that you find a plethora of scholarships.  You do not have to buy these books.  Visit the UCLA Library and the Scholarship Resource Center.

The Hispanic Scholarship Directory: Over 500 Ways to Finance Your Education (1997), Author: Andres Tobar

Getting Money for College: Scholarships for Hispanic American Students (2003), 1st edition, Author: Peterson’s

The 2004 Hispanic Scholarship Directory: Over 1,000 Ways to Finance Your Education (2003), Author: Edward James Olmos

Beckham’s Guide to Scholarships (Beckham’s Guide to Scholarships for Black and Minority Students) (2005), Author: Barry Beckham