Each quarter our knowledgeable staff write helpful topics for scholarship hunters. We package that up with upcoming scholarship deadlines and quarterly workshops.

2017 Spring/Summer


“Who Wins Scholarships, Anyway?”
National and International Merit Scholarships
Creative Arts Contests
Personal Essay Dos and Don’ts
Calendar Tips
UCLA DUE Scholarships
Q&A: Summer Financial Aid
SRC Workshop Schedule


  • 2017 Winter

    Prewriting Ideas and Activities, A Scholarship Puzzle, Getting Strong Letters of Recommendation, Phi Beta Kappa, Managing Your Schedule

  • 2016 Fall

    Getting to Know the SRC Workshops, Superstar Scholarships on the Horizon, In the spotlight: Latina/o Scholarships, UCLA Resources for Scholarship Seekers, Create Your Own Scholarship

  • 2016 Spring

    You Can Still Win Scholarships for Next Year!, 2016-17 UCLA Donor Scholarships, Financial Aid Q&A, Spotlight on National Merit Scholarships, Write Your Personal Statement this Weekend, How to Fix a Scholarship Essay

  • 2016 Winter

    7 Ways to Become a Scholarship Ninja, Phi Beta Kappa, Udall Scholarship, BUSY BRUIN: Scheduling Hacks; Apps for Your Apps, Spotlight on the Humanities, I Reflect, Therefore I Win

  • 2015 Fall

    UCLA Scholarships for International Students, If at first you don’t succeed…try and try (and try) again!, Scholarship Tracker: Make Your Email Count! A Mini Lesson on the Importance of Your Email Address and Winning Scholarships, UCLA Resources for Scholarship Seekers, Fall Quarter Workshop Schedule

  • 2015 Spring

    Keeping Your Eyes on the (Scholarship) Prize, International and AB540 Scholarships, Financial Aid FAQ, Spotlight on Fashion Scholarship Winner, Getting an Early Start on National & International Merit Scholarships, 2015-16 UCLA College Donor Scholarship

  • 2015 Winter

    Letters of Recommendation, Extramural Scholarships, Leadership While Abroad, FAQs

  • 2014 Fall

    Starting the Year, Using Film for Applications, Organizing Applications, Interview with Fashion Scholar, UCLA Resources, Writing Services on Campus

  • 2014 Spring

    Summer Fun(ding), Public Edit: Revising the Personal Statement, Getting an Early Start on National & International Merit Scholarships, Spotlight on SRC Scholarship Winners, Summer Financial Aid Q&A, 2014-15 UCLA Donor Scholarships

  • 2014 Winter

    How to Talk to Your Professor, Scholarships in the Health Sciences, Funding Triage: Where to Turn to on Campus during Financial Crisis, Getting Real with the SRC: Tough Love Answers to Gnarly Questions, Developing a Scholarship Portfolio

  • 2013 Fall

    Scholarship APP-lications: Tech Savvy Tips for Your Scholarship Search, 10-Week Scholarship Roadmap, Apply for Scholarships, Build Crucial Career Skills, UCLA Resources for Scholarship Seekers, Q & A with the SRC, Innovative Funding Sources for Graduate Students

  • 2013 Spring

    The Secret Logic of Essay Prompts, Cashing in on Labor Union Scholarships, Getting Outstanding Let-ters of Recommendation, Summer Financial Aid Q&A, Scholarships for Social Science Majors, 2013-14 UCLA Donor Scholarships

  • 2013 Winter

    Scholarship Scams in the 21st Century, Rising Costs of College, Know Your Audience, The Donald Strauss Scholarship Program, Dishing Up Your Scholarship Essay, Scholarships in the Humanities

  • 2012 Fall

    Write This, Not That, Acrostic, I Got Into Graduate School! — Now What?, Scholarships for Scientists, UCLA Resources, SRC FAQ

  • 2012 Spring

    MTV Rolls Out New Facebook App, Summer Volunteer Opportunities, Summer Financial Aid Q&A, 6 FAQ’s about Transcripts, Writing Your Personal Statement This Weekend, 2012-13 UCLA Donor Scholarships

  • 2012 Winter

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Applicants, Choosing a Theme for Your Personal Statement, Scholarship Myth Busters, Interview with Scholarship Winner Angela Sanchez, Tips for Winning, Double Tasking: Time & Energy Saving Ways to Fit Scholarships into Your Schedule, Acrostic