Campus Deadline: January 9
Official Truman Foundation website  

UCLA can nominate 4 continuing juniors and 3 transfer juniors annually.


The Harry S. Truman Scholarship provides $30,000 to juniors planning to attend graduate school in preparation for careers in public service. Awardees also receive leadership training, graduate school counseling, preferential admission to premier graduate institutions, and internship opportunities with federal agencies. 60-65 scholarships are awarded to juniors from across the country. UCLA may nominate up to seven candidates – four who entered as Freshmen and three who entered as Transfers.

Please note: Students must contact the Scholarship Research Center to gain access to the on-line application. Please call 310-206-2875 or email to initiate this process.

Eligibility requirements

  • Full-time junior.
  • Committed to a career in public service.
  • The Truman Foundation defines public service as employment in government at any level, uniformed services, public-interest organizations, nongovernmental research and/or educational
    organizations, and public-service oriented nonprofit organizations such as those whose primary purposes are to help needy or disadvantaged persons or to protect the environment.
  • In upper quarter of class.
  • U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals from American Samoa or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Selection criteria

Evaluators look for leadership ability, potential for influencing public policies, community service and extracurricular activities, suitability of the applicant’s proposed program of study for a career in public service, strong academic performance, and potential to perform well in a premier graduate school program. Truman Scholars have pursued many fields of study, such as agriculture, engineering, economics, education, government, history, international relations, law, political science, public administration, and public health. For additional information on selection criteria, visit the Truman Foundation website,

Application requirements

To apply for a University nomination, you must complete the following steps:

  •  You must contact the UCLA Scholarship Resource Center to express your intention to apply for the scholarship. Please email or call 310-206-2875 between 11:00am and 6:00pm only. Once you have made contact with the UCLA Truman representative, you will be given access to the official online Truman application at the Truman website  

Submit the following materials to the Scholarship Resource Center (233 Covel Commons) by 6pm on the campus deadline:

  • A printout of your completed Truman application, including all of your essays
  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (official transcripts will be required if you are selected as a UCLA nominee)
  • Three letters of recommendation

Before you begin, spend some time looking through the website  , since you will find very helpful resources for filling out the application.
The sample application can be found at:  
Please use the “sampleapplication.doc” located at the bottom of the page.